Predator Diesel Performance

The Predator Performance Module is a result of over 9 years of diesel technology designed to benefit you. This Module truly gives you the pulling performance of your diesel pickup. Predator™ is scientifically proven to increase the performance of diesel engines like no other performance product. By optimizing the fuel plume of the air/fuel mixture while altering your engine's factory timing duration, microscopic fuel particles are mixed with higher levels of oxygen, causing greater volumes of energy to be released during combustion. The bottom line is a cooler running engine with increased performance and improved fuel economy.


Up to 130 Horsepower gain and Up to 35% increase in Torque at the rear wheels
Up to 15% Increase in Fuel Mileage
Safer Vehicle Operation
Increased Engine Life with a Smoother Running Engine
Cleaner Emissions due to Less Cylinder Wash
Undetectable by the vehicle’s Electronic Control Unit
It can be "self installed" in only a few minutes with easy instructions