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Platinum Wheels are Now 40% Off and Ship Free. Platinum wheels are one of the most recognized brands of luxury wheels. Platinum wheels feature clean lines and offer elegance and luxury, yet as you can see they are designed with a contemporary sporty flavor, which is currently very popular. The wheels are offered in a variety of spoke styles and with and with out milled and machined accents. Likewise the finiches vary from Gloss or Matte Black to Chrome, but also include Grey, silver and PVD. These distinctive styles will set your car apart from the rest on the road. The platinum Brand has been at the forefront of innovative wheel designs for years. Platinum prides itself in offering affordable luxury wheels.

Platinum rims are made to be strong and durable to withstand rough handling driving. Their strength and durability comes from the tough aluminium material used to mold the wheels. The various spoke designs used may be stylish but they also help improve the structural strength of these wheels. The wheels are available in different size options to provide you with the exact size that fits your ride.

Platinum  Wheels<br /> 200 Apex Chrome
From $ 158.11
Platinum Wheels<br /> 081 E-Twine Chrome
From $ 163.53
Platinum Wheels<br /> 081 E-Twine Ultra Armor Silver
with Clear Coat From $ 93.52
Platinum Wheels<br /> 122 Wolverine Chrome
From $ 170.59
Platinum Wheels<br /> 210 Tracker Chrome
New! From $ 187.06
Platinum Wheels<br /> 212 Widow Matte Black with<br /> Gloss Black Insert
Car and CUV
From $ 126.68
Platinum Wheels<br /> 252 Allure Ultra-V Bright PVD
From $ 179.05
Platinum Wheels<br /> 291-292 Saber Chrome
From $ 187.06
Platinum Wheels<br /> 401 Marathon Satin Black
From $ 116.22
Platinum Wheels<br /> 401 Marathon Silver
From $ 88.24
Platinum Wheels<br /> 404 Arctic Satin Black
From $ 142.78
Platinum Wheels<br /> 404 Arctic Silver
From $ 131.33
Platinum Wheels<br /> 408 Mogul Chrome
New! From $ 210.59
Platinum Wheels<br /> 410 Divine Ultra V Finish PVD
From $ 134.21
Platinum Wheels<br /> 413 Cloak Chrome
From $ 198.82
Platinum Wheels<br /> 417 Monarch Chrome
From $ 234.12
Platinum Wheels<br /> 417 Monarch Matte Black
From $ 137.65
Platinum Wheels<br /> 418 Wraith Gloss Black
From $ 114.12
Platinum Wheels<br /> 499 Dynasty Satin Black
From $ 161.18
Platinum Wheels Articles and Reviews
Platinum Wheels: Talking Wheel Offset and Spoke Designs
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With nearly fifty different wheel models, Platinum Wheels is a brand that keeps churning out top quality to the market every time. Luxury car and sedan owners can confirm the satisfaction of driving on Platinum wheels. They have long lasting finishes, great rim size options and innovative spoke patterns. As much as they are made for luxury cars they don’t go overboard to make completely unconventional wheel designs
How Sleek Can You Car Get with Platinum Wheels?
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Like Worx and Focal Wheel, Platinum is a distinguished division of the Ultra Wheels Company. Just like their name suggests they bare recognizable for their exclusive chrome intensive wheel designs. If you are the kind of driver who enjoys spreading a little sheen from your car when driving then Platinum is your candy store. Each wheel comes in either a chrome, silver or black design that features silver/chrome accents.
Legendary Racer Endorses Platinum Wheels
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Platinum Wheels targets the Luxury car market. In the off-road racing world, the word “legend” gets thrown around very lightly. For many years, Dick Cepek and Mickey Thompson were the biggest names in racing to start aftermarket wheel business, but in the last decade there has been some serious growth from another racing legend that started making high-end wheels. Jim Smith, the Baja 1000 champion has been rolling out Platinum Wheels for luxury rides. Click Here to see what Platinum has to offer.

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