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Pacer Wheels, since 1972, are high quality custom wheels. They are designed with great precision from high quality materials and offer superb finishes. Pacer Wheels offer timeless style with either classic or modern designs. They are available in a variety of sizes and Gloss Black, Chrome or Matte Black finishes.


Already a well established market leader with a solid reputation, Pacer is a brand whose name resonates with the values that they have chosen to embrace. Today Pacer manufactures high quality aftermarket wheels for a multitude of vehicles.

Shop Pacer Wheels by Style
Pacer Wheels <br />03C Chrome Smoothie
From $ 91.53
Pacer Wheels <br />144S Silver Rallye
From $ 64.45
Pacer Wheels <br />162M Aluminum Mod
From $ 75.39
Pacer Wheels <br />164B LT Mod Black
From $ 89.00
Pacer Wheels <br />164P LT Mod Polished
From $ 89.00
Pacer Wheels <br />173C Rallye Chrome
From $ 102.05
Pacer Wheels <br />177C Supreme Chrome
From $ 161.13
Pacer Wheels <br />187P Warrior Polished
From $ 89.00
Pacer Wheels <br />237B Soft 8 Black
From $ 92.94
Pacer Wheels <br />252B Street Lock Black
From $ 118.15
Pacer Wheels <br />297B Soft 8 Black
From $ 62.91
Pacer Wheels <br />298C Soft 8 Chrome
From $ 100.96
Pacer Wheels <br />310W Spoke White
From $ 33.18
Pacer Wheels <br />315C Spoke Chrome
From $ 64.22
Pacer Wheels <br />320C Mod Chrome
From $ 100.96
Pacer Wheels <br />330C Directional Chrome
From $ 88.08
Pacer Wheels <br />342B Daytona Black
From $ 68.74
Pacer Wheels <br />365B V-5 Black
From $ 60.15
Pacer Wheels <br />521P Dragstar Polished
From $ 90.05
Pacer Wheels <br />531P Stroker Polished
From $ 97.65
Pacer Wheels <br />541P R-Window Polished
From $ 97.65
Pacer Wheels <br />561P Torch Polished
From $ 90.04
Pacer Wheels <br />571P Comet Polished
From $ 97.65
Pacer Wheels <br />773MB Mantis Black
From $ 95.28
Pacer Wheels <br />774MS Reliant Titanium Silver
From $ 84.81
Pacer Wheels <br />776C Silhouette Chrome
From $ 144.15
Pacer Wheels <br />782C Blitz FWD Chrome
From $ 151.76
Pacer Wheels <br />782C Blitz RWD Chrome
From $ 187.06
Pacer Wheels <br />783C Infiniti FWD Chrome
From $ 133.55
Pacer Wheels <br />783C Infiniti RWD Chrome
From $ 164.61
Pacer Wheels <br />784MB Rebel Gloss Black
From $ 92.25
Pacer Wheels <br />785MB Ovation Gloss Black
From $ 105.75
Pacer Wheels <br />83B FWD Mod Black
From $ 38.82
Pacer Wheels 785V Ovation<br />  Bright PVD
From $ 137.16
Pacer Wheels 786C Ideal<br /> Chrome
From $ 126.69
Pacer Wheels 787C Benchmark<br /> Chrome
From $ 168.59
Pacer Wheels Articles and Reviews
Pacer Wheels Three Favorite Styles
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There are over 40 wheel models to choose from at Pacer Wheels. Some of them are made using high grade steel construction while others are made using aluminum alloy. These wheels offer enough variety to cater to any preference you have. They include chrome wheels, black wheels, machined face wheels, spoke wheels, non-spoke wheels, negatively offset wheels and positively offset wheel. Read More..
You Will Never Go Wrong with Pacer Wheels
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Pacer has been custom wheel leader on the market since 1972. It produces quality wheels built with advanced technology and precision to ensure maximum performance on all kinds of terrain. Pacer wheels not only fit but also look good on any truck or SUV. With their customized and exclusive appearance, you can be sure class, performance and style. They are further manufactured using aluminum hence non-corrosive in addition to being strong and durable.