Organize Your Truck with Du-Ha Storage Kit

Does your truck cab look like an unorganized toolbox? Well, there’s an easy fix to that with Du-Ha storage.
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Du-Ha Storage Cases

You have different lifestyles and you accessorize your truck based on the same. Whether it is fishing, hunting or towing, you may have many tools and gear at the back of your cab. To remain organized, you need a storage case, and Du-Ha storage case is the best case for you.

The Du-Ha storage case not only functions as a gun case but also has an organized storage space at the back of your seat. This case is constructed from heavy-duty polyethylene material and hence strong and durable. It also has a 2-piece gun rack. The good news is that it is simple to install. You simply slide the straps via the existing loops on the set belt brackets.

With Du-Ha storage case, you secure your valuables and free your seat and floor from clutter. Furthermore, you can choose the storage case that blends well with your car’s interior color.
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Humpstor Truck Bed Storage Case

Regardless of how large is your truck bed, space is usually essential. You can organize all your tools with the Du-Ha Humpstor bed storage case. It is mounted on the side of your truck rig and just above the wheel wells. This storage case transforms the wasted space into a secure space to organize and store small tools, thus leaving your floor to accommodate big luggage or stuff. Your hand-tools, tie-downs, roadside supplies and other important travel gear packs can perfectly fit in the Humpstor truck bed storage.

During hunting season, it further serves you right. This is because it doubles as a gun case with enough room for scoped riffle or two shot guns. You can lock the latches using a padlock, shut the lid seals with a rubber gasket, and thus secure your stuff from weather elements and thieves. You do not need to worry about corrosion or dust; this is because it is constructed with heavy-duty polyethylene.
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Du-Ha Portable Storage Tote

As you look around you, it seems that everyone is on the go but with his or her gear always on the tow. Hunters have ammo and guns, campers have backpacks and tents while contractors have hardware and tools. The point is, everyone seem to have some sort of luggage/cargo to move around. The big Du-Ha storage box cargo fits well in SUVs or trucks and can accommodate a lot of luggage that you will like to bring a long with you. The inside features of the storage tote features organizers, trays in addition to a gun rack that ensure that everything is in place. It is built with heavy-duty polyethylene making it rugged and lightweight. For easy portability, it has handles and wheels. Best yet, Du-ha luggage storage comes with a lifetime warranty.

By: Jon Aragon
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