Oracle LED Switch

LED Switch Features
  • Heavy Duty Brass Assembly
  • Durable Nickel Plated Finish
  • Smooth Glow Ring indicates power function
  • 12 Volt Powered
  • CE Compliant
  • Available in a variety vibrant of colors
More Info

ORACLE Flush LED Switches combine styling and functionality with an illuminated LED ring inset on a clean stainless steel shell. Available in Momentary (Push Hold On, Release Off) and On / Off.

On/Off Flush Mount LED Switch

The On / Off Flush Mount switch allows the user to control of their 12 Volt devices with the ease of just pushing the button to turn "on" and push again to turn "Off".

Momentary Flush Mount Switch

The Momentary Flush Mount switch allows the user to always be in control of whatever 12 Volt Device is connected. Push and hold for "On", then let your finger go of the switch to turn "Off".

The super-clean flush button momentary switch allows you to add a switch to your vehicles interior without compromising your automotive style. Mechanical Lifetime is tested at over 200,000 fail free duty cycles.

Each switch can handle 3A of current and look good while doing it. The switch diameter is 20mm and sit almost completely flush to the mounting surface. These switches are available in White, Blue, Red, Green, Amber, UV/Purple.