Old Man Emu
Shock Absorbers

Heavy Duty Old Man Emu Shock Absorbers

OME Shock Absorbers Old Man Emu engineers specialise in nothing else but 4WD suspension systems, and it’s this experience in setting the most appropriate valving that really differentiates the Nitrocharger from its competitors. In many cases, several shock absorber applications will be listed for one vehicle to ensure the proper match regardless of spring selection, accessory fitment or load carrying requirements. And while OME Nitrochargers will improve overall performance when fitted with standard springs, more substantial benefits can be achieved with fitted in conjunction with Old Man Emu Coil Springs, for a complete, integrated 4WD suspension system.

Old Man Emu Shocks Absorbers Overview

Old Man Emu suspension systems have usually focused on ride quality instead of ride elevation which brand new type of shock absorbers consists of a few of the most recent shock valving technologies attaining an entire brand new degree of ride quality. Most dual and monotube shocks usually have a two-stage valving procedure, the brand new OME NitroCharger Sport includes a triple-stage valving procedure rivaled just with a remote canister adjustable shock. These have been stacked it into the majority of long lasting shock body and adjusted this through load capacity for you. Therefore, instead of providing just single adjustable shock, the OME engineers did all the screening as well as tuning changes for you personally. You're able to select from an array of shock absorbers for the application depending on your own load-carrying settings, ensuring an instantaneous and perfect ride with no pricey fine-tuning needed post-installation. The monotube style main piston valving improves transition and direction changes while the extra base valving provides more fine-tuning for comfort and control.