Nitto Tires Stay Ahead of the Competition

Nitto tires are the definition of great race track performance. Good racing tires should be able to produce great speeds by giving optimal rolling resistance to the road they are travelling on. This allows the vehicle to accelerate easily. The balance between the right traction and smoothness for race track tires is something that Nitto tires has researched on and perfected with their competition tire brands. But rolling resistance isn’t the only property to look out for in a great competitive tire model. Other important properties include:
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• Adhesiveness

• Contact Patch

• Load sensitivity

• Cornering force

• Balance Two tire series from Nitto are grouped under the competitive tire category: The Nitto NT01 Street tires and the Nitto NT555 tires.
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Nitto NT01 Street Tires

Nitto NT01 street tires are DOT approved tires that are mostly recommended for use in dry competitions. This is because they have been made with a compound that combines various advanced properties. The NT01 tire compound is consistent in its performance. It produces balanced traction, heat cycle performance and long usage life. With balanced traction you can wave your cornering worries away. The adhesive nature of the compound used allows the tire rubber to stick onto the ground and provide a resistance coefficient that counters the inertia of the wheel and thus makes changing direction a walk in the park. In addition to this, the tread grooves are clearly performance oriented. It is asymmetrical in nature with grooves angled to point inwards thus maximizing on camber thrust. The key to Nitto NT01 street tire’s ability to give a comfortable ride quality is its radial construction. With radial plies your tires gain an added level of springiness which takes in the impact produced on the road.
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Nitto NT555 Tires

For drag races, your best option is the NT555 series. The series comprises of two tire models: the NT555 and NT555R. While the NT555R has a more general span of applicability, the NT555 is best suited for summer racing. Driving on dry road conditions can create an opportunity for any race car to hit the peak of its speedometer. At such velocities being able to corner and brake at the right moment is critical to whether you win or lose. Both the NT555 and NT555R are built with large contact patches. This translates to easier cornering and steering. If you are however looking for better all season performance, the better pick would be the NT555 Summer Ultra High performance tire because it has more tread channels and shoulder grooves that are incised deeper into the tire.

By: Sean Bowes
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