Nitto Tires - The Tires that Win on Sunday You can Buy on Monday


GoDaddy don’t spend hundreds of millions on NASCAR because they are fans

The old motorsport saying “Win on Sunday, sell on Monday” might have become slightly tired from repetition over the years, but it still holds just as true today as it ever did. If you don’t believe it, stop for a moment and think why companies like Lowes and GoDaddy and Chevy spend hundreds of millions of dollars each year on NASCAR racing…

Developed for Race Winners, Available to You

Of course Lowes and GoDaddy are there to advertise, but there are plenty of companies who use motorsport to develop cutting-edge technologies and products that they then make available to the consumer market – that’s you and me.

And we should be thankful for that, because it speeds new discoveries and developments in performance and safety which we all benefit from. Thanks racers!

Nitto Tire: Winning Off-Road so You can Win On It


Nitto driver Nick Nelson on his way to victory in the Ultra4 4-Wheel Parts Glen Helen Grand Prix

Nitto Tire has been making tires since 1949, so it knows a thing or two about getting it right. But Nitto also has a race winning motorsports program through which it gathers valuable feedback on tire performance that is then applied to its product lines. In other words, what Nitto races on Sunday, you can buy on Monday.

Drivers including Nick Nelson, Derek West, Jason Scherer and Rick Mooneyham all use the same Nitto tires you can purchase on Monday to win in some of the toughest off-road races imaginable on Sundays.

A Tire for All Conditions

Combining the knowledge gained from the off-road racing programs with the data gathered from state-of-the-art in-house R&D, Nitto has developed the Grapples Truck series of tires.

trailNitto’s Trail Grappler combines off-road performance with highway comfort
  • Mud Grappler: conquers extreme terrain and adverse conditions.
  • Trail Grappler: chunky off-road performance with smooth on-road comfort.
  • Dune Grappler: superior over sand and gravel, comfortable on the road.
  • Terra Grappler: all-year, all-terrain performance in the wet or dry.
  • Dura Grappler: highway terrain tire offering longevity and comfort.

Nitto Tire says it is driven by “Passion and Innovation” but it’s also driven by competition. If you want the same tires the race winners use, choose Nitto.

By John Bone

Posted on August 16th, 2013
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