Nitto Shakes Up the Aftermarket Tire World with the Release of the Terra Grappler G2

Last month, Nitto rattled the aftermarket tire world with the debut of their new Terra Grappler G2 tire. This brand new tire was designed with one thing in mind: to deliver MORE of everything for off-road fanatics.

Senior Staff engineer of Nitto Tire USA says, “The Terra Grappler G2 takes our flagship truck/SUV tire and gives our customers even more of what they want. The new rubber compound improves treadwear, the tread pattern was re-engineered to retain on-road quality and off-road traction and the dual design sidewalls continue the bold appearance Nitto customers expect.”

A Continuation of Terra Grappler Greatness

The new G2, of course, is a continuation of the original Terra Grappler design, which was already one of the best tires available on the market. But even though it is a continuation model, Nitto says that the new G2 is completely re-engineered, both inside and out.

According to the world-renowned company, the Terra Grappler G2 features an all new rubber compound that significantly improves treadwear. In fact, they are so confident in the strength of the new design that Nitto has even extended their limited treadwear warranty to 50,000 miles for LT-metric sizes and an eye popping 65,000 miles for hard-metric fitments.

That is one hell of a deal!!

Also adding to the strength and durability of the tire is the improved re-designed coupling joints between the outer and center tread blocks. Nitto says, “This increases block rigidity, which promotes even wear across the tread.”

Believe it or not, the new benefits don’t stop there, either. These tires have also been improved to handle the slickest of surfaces. The Terra Grappler G2 handles these conditions through a design combination of full-depth siping and continuous lateral grooves that help to expel water and decrease braking distances.

The Terra Grappler G2 Looks Great

In today’s competitive aftermarket world, customers are provided with about every possible choice imaginable. This, no doubt, makes it damn near impossible for a company to stand out aesthetically. Well, unless your name is Nitto.

Through the blending of a high-integrity design and a flawless stylized taste, Nitto has helped to deliver one of the most balanced and best looking all-terrain tires on the market.

Stephen Leu, an assistant manager for brand publishing at Nitto, says “Two features incorporated in the Terra Grappler G2 will really help out. The full depth sipes have an aesthetic benefit meaning that as the tire wears down, the sipe patterns will still be there so the appearance of the tire will not change.”

“The other feature is the dual sidewalls. It doesn’t get more visual than that. The dual sidewalls allow them to have a choice between a more conservative type versus a more aggressive, radical type.”

Without a doubt, all of these features add up to create one of today’s best all-terrain tires, so stop pussyfooting around and upgrade your truck. It’ll be worth it.

By: Tim Snyder
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