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Niche Wheels

NICHE Wheels On Sale Plus Free Shipping! Niche Wheels, based in California, are on the cutting edge of manufacturing and design. Niche uses advanced CNC manufacturing and forged alloy construction to create superb wheels. Niche continually updates their wheel designs to stay on the cutting edge of style, featuring Black finishes with overall thin elegant spoke designs. Niche wheels are popular for import and sport cars. Niche is one of a few Wheel manufacturers which is US Based. Since 2012 Niche has consolidated their manufacturing process into one location. Niche Rims are now forged, cut, and finished all at one location. Our staff is ready to help you with your purchase. Call us at (813) 769-2451

*Any set of 4 Wheels in this Section Includes Free Lug Kit! A $100 Value!

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These wheels are designed for those who want a unique look that stands out on the road. The company recently expanded its portfolio to include the racing wheels for the racing enthusiasts. The Niche racing wheels are manufactured differently from the other wheels in the company’s line-up to ensure they satisfy all your racing needs. These wheels are fairly priced making them affordable to most car owners.
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Luxury, class, style and performance are words that come to mind when looking at the latest wheels from Niche. Made from the highest grades of alloy and aluminum, they are the finest wheels available for luxury car owners who are looking to upgrade from their stock rims. Recently, the premium wheel brand expanded their catalogue to include even more designs. CLICK HERE to see the latest from Niche.

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Niche produces rims in more sizes for more vehicles than any other brand. From elegant luxury imports to stout domestic trucks, Niche offers quality rims that will make jaws drop as you pass by. Upscale design solutions accompanied by exquisiteness and verve, that's what Niche brings to the artistic side of the equation. For the enthusiasts who take the word "custom" seriously, Niche delivers a three-piece design option to allow customers to mix and match colors. Built using CNC machining equipment, Niche rims ensure precise fit and unrivaled durability.

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