Nerf Bars and Step Bars

N-FAB Nerf Bars

N-FAB Nerf Bar and step bars are normally designed to boost the potential and performance of your vehicle. They are special add-ons with a tubular construction and serve as a simple and strong step up to your ride. Nerf bars and step bars are an integral part of any truck that has a high ground clearance as they enable the driver and passengers to easily step in and out of the truck. That’s why they are installed right underneath the door of the truck.

Children and older people find it easy to climb aboard the truck since they can easily step on the Nerf bar. Apart from making life easier for you and your passengers, Nerf and step bars also protect your vehicle’s body sides from damage by rocks and other road debris. It is therefore recommended that all off-road trucks be fitted with Nerf and step bars. These bars are constructed either from powder coated steel or stainless steel. This makes them tough and highly resistant to corrosion and scratches. N-FAB bars are available in an array of sizes and designs to suit different users.

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N-Fab <br />Podium Steps
From $ 420.26
N-Fab <br />RKR Step System
From $ 419.95
N-Fab <br>4 and 6 Step Nerf Bars
From $ 442.38
N-Fab <br>AdjustSTEP Nerf Bars
From $ 630.47
N-Fab <br>Harley Bars
From $ 386.71
N-Fab <br>N-Durastep
From $ 586.15
N-Fab Cab Length Step Nerf Bars
From $ 365.65
N-Fab <br>Rock Rails
From $ 365.65
N-Fab <br>Rocker Guard
Specifically for Jeep From $ 310.24