Hypertech Performance Tuners

Hypertech - The World Leader in High-Performance Engine Tuning for Computer Controlled Vehicles

Release your engine's true power potential with a Hypertech Performance Tuner. Hypertech engineers have cracked the codes for cutting-edge performance. The HyperPAC, Max Energy and various Hypertech tuners and Hypertech chips will help you reach new heights on performance tuning.

Hypertech Performance Tuning products give you more control over your car's maze of computer systems, empowering you to realease the real beast that is in your auto's power plant. Hypertech programmers get you the most out of your vehicle right out of the box.

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All Hypertech Tuners for Chevy GM, Chrysler Dodge, and Ford Mercury including HyperPAC, Max Energy and the fuel saving Max Energy ECON are ON SALE NOW! These Hypertech Tuners are at the Lowest Prices you will find and all Hypertech Performance Tuners are eligible for FREE SHIPPING!

Hypertech is a technology-driven company with a unique status in the aftermarket industry. Unlike other speed equipment manufacturers that produce hard parts like camshafts and cylinder heads, Hypertech's core product is knowledge; the ability to tune the complex computers that control essential functions in modern automobiles. The knowledge and skill of the Hypertech team are their most valuable assets. The engineers and technicians have degrees in a variety of disciplines, including electrical engineering, computer science, and mechanical engineering