Yoshimura Motorcycle has been the best and top in performance aftermarket exhaust systems, engine services and hard parts especially for the motorcycle and ATV. With numerous Championships, Yoshimura has become a leader on and off the tracks. Today Yoshimura is known for their prestigious line of power, ranging road to off-road vehicles. Yoshimura has more than half century of experience and knowledge developing power for enthusiast worldwide. Racing and winning is what Pop’s Yoshimura motivates him for the last 50 years. He has put his time in research and development which gave him the creative foresight to create innovated performance technology. With years of hard work, knowledge and wins, Yoshimura has become one of the most reputable companies in the racing industry.

Yoshimura has more than half century of experience and knowledge developing power for enthusiast worldwide. Yoshimura is recognized for their innovated approach and unique designs that will capture the full potential of your vehicle. Are you falling behind the competition, Do you need additional power? Yoshimura will not only significantly increase the power of your ATV but also will enhance performance, sound and the overall ride. We offer the Lowest Prices and Free Shipping to all Yoshimura products!

Yoshimura Articles and Reviews
Guide to Buying a New Yoshimura Exhaust
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If you want more power and a better sound from your bike, a new exhaust system is the obvious choice. When buying a new exhaust you’ll need to decide if you want a full system or slip-ons because they will provide different performance advantages depending on the kind of riding you do. Our exhaust buying guide will help you determine the best exhaust for you.
Winning Designs for 55 Years: Yoshimura
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The name Yoshimura is deeply embedded within the US performance bike community. Hideo ‘Pops’ Yoshimura’s company has been producing trendsetting performance accessories for over 55 years, the company has been involved with (and won) the AMA Superbike Championship since its inception, and Yoshimura’s teams and riders have won 30 AMA, WORCS and GNCC titles since 1999 alone.
Yoshimura_More Information Yoshimura originated in 1954 by Hideo “Pops” Yoshimura. During the war, Hideo was an airplane mechanic. His reputation was considered to be the man who can modify, fix, and add power to parts and motors. Recognizing his talent, Hideo took his skills to his first passion, motorcycles. He was extremely fascination with motorcycles and the racing industry that he wanted to participate and even build engines and other parts that would help seek victory.