Wind Vest Windshields

Wind Vest

Wind Vest began in 1989 when the founder, Norm Dober, after an unpleasant ride which saw him encounter strong winds and ridden with bugs on his windshield, decided to build his own windshield. After years of modifying windshields, he succeeded and thus, WindVest was born.

The WindVest windshields were the talk of the neighborhood and shortly, customers began piling up for orders. Through the small beginnings of the WindVest product, it has since moved out of the small garage and has expanded immensely.

Over the years, WindVest has grown into a global seller of customized windshields for different motorcycle types such as sport windshields throughout the world. Although WindVest is the leader in performance windscreens, the spirit born from Norm’s garage lives on there today.

Currently, WindVest is expanding in other areas of motorcycle windshields with the WideBody performance windshields for Harley-Davidson and metric cruisers. The company’s goal remains the same as it was when it first started – to offer the greatest high performance motorcycle windshields available. To protect riders against all the unnecessary and uncomfortable elements on the road as well as providing an unparalleled customer service all the time.