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Handlebars are used by most bikers to personalize the look of their motorcycle. There are different designs and options for handlebars offered at 4Wheelonline. Changing the handlebar modifies the appearance of the bike. The handlebars can be secured to the frame of the bike and can be tightened or loosened using bolts or screws. Choose a Wild 1 adjustment for your bike’s handlebars to get the utmost protection and avoid back pains.
You can replace the original motorcycle handlebars with a pair of Wild 1s when you have problems with how the bike is performing or if you want to repair broken handlebars.

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Handle Bars are among the most common part of a motorbike that Bikers modify. Some bikers even modify bars before taking distribution of a new bicycle from the Supplier. Handle bars is a factor in everything from managing, relaxation to the design that the every client is looking for.
Wild 1 Handlebars are made in the best factory with the best facilities using the premium materials to keep Wild 1 Handlebars strong and stable. Wild 1 have made different types of handlebars. There’s the Drag bars, Conventional bars and Ape Hangers.
  • WO500 - 6" Chubby® Drag Bar shown here. 6" rise, 30.5" wide, 10.5" Pullback
  • WO511 Chubby® Dragster bars shown here. 0" rise, 30.5" wide, 6" Pullback This is for example purposes only. Short risers used. This cannot be done because controls will hit the gas tank.
  • WO518 Chubby® RK II Bar shown here. 5.5" rise, 35.5" wide, 14.25" Pullback. Good pullback and decent wrist angle.
  • WO550 Chubby® Beach Bar shown here. 3.5" rise, 36" wide, 15" Pullback. Similar to WO518 but lower with smoother bends.
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Most drag bars are developed for a competitive experience. When looking at drag bars, keep in thoughts the bars with risers welded to the top bar are not flexible. If you think you may wish to modify the drag bars, get a move bar that products to individual risers and top secure. Conventional bars good for the driver that desires to keep the motorcycle low and squatty. Ape hangers are a different reproduce of handlebar. These are always depending on an individual choice. For example, I have a few buddies that believe by them and I don't particularly proper take good care of them. Some declares have tight guidelines regarding size requirements. All of Wild 1 pullback dimensions are done with the bars in range with the topside forks. The higher the bar, the more pullback. *Don't error pullback for wrist angle*

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