Slipstreamer Windshields

Slipstreamer Windshields

The inventor of the first acrylic windscreen has been producing the finest quality in motorcycle accessories since 1973.
The Slipstreamer provides the best overall protection, especially near the handgrips. The Slipstreamer windshields are curves out to a whopping 34 inches. High-quality windshields which are available in clear and smoke, either vented or unvented. Slipstreamer also provides more wind protection for both rider and passenger. Reduces buffeting and improves gas mileage.
Based in Blaine, Minnesota Slipstreamer has built their reputation on quality products and with services. Slipstreamer offers the best windshields in the industry. Our staff is ready to help you with your purchase. Call us at (813) 769-2451

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What You Need To Know About Slipstreamer Windshields
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Slipstreamer is one of the most popular motorcycle windshield manufacturers. The company’s windshields have been in existence since the 1970s and to this day they are popular among enthusiasts. Slipstreamer started with motorcycle windshields but has expanded and now has windshields for Scooters, ATVs and cruisers. Slipstreamer windshields are made with high quality materials to ensure they are durable and long lasting protecting you from any external elements you may encounter.

Slipstreamer windshields are dynamic sculptured styling that enhances the appearance of your bike without affecting its lines. Slipstreamer windshields give added protection against weather and road hazards and built to withstand any flying objects and bug. Slipstreamer is aerodynamically designed to provide excellent wind protection with an eye catching look while riding on or off-road. There are several sizes, sporty graphics, definitive lines and wide range of styles to accommodate or complement the bike’s own look and combined with all the standard features.

Slipstreamer windshields built in exclusive anodized aluminium disc hardware system, it can be taken off in seconds and it is fully adjustable for height, position and shield angle. Slipstreamer windshields are perfectly designed to fit round and square headlights.