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Shorai Battery 2 Day Sale - Deep Discount in Cart + Free Shipping. The Shorai LFX battery is one of the safest, most powerful and eco-friendly rechargeable batteries that is now available in the market. Shorai has engineered their Shorai Battery to be ultra light averaging one fifth the weight of lead-acid batteries, and also to expang its service life. The Shorai battery has zero sulfation and holds unloaded charge for one year without maintenance.

Aside from that, Shorai’s faster cranking leads to better starts for motorcycles. It has a super-fast recharge rate too that is 3 times faster than other batteries. Shorai is also known to be environmental friendly because it doesn’t contain any explosive gasses during charge, no lead, no acid.

Shorai Batteries will fit the needs of your vehicle. So what are you waiting for get the power you want! Buy Shorai Batteries.

Shorai Battery

Shorai Articles and Reviews
Why You Should Convert Battery Types
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LFP batteries are the future of the industry, with undisputable advantages over the lead-acid batteries. Available in a variety of sizes, shapes and capacities for your motorcycle, ATV or utility vehicle, these ultra light premium batteries are guaranteed to improve performance. They not only last longer and charge faster, they also give you higher voltage on starting and are additionally environment friendly.
Shorai Sponsored Events and Riders
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Shorai focuses on production of batteries that are energy faster, with less wear and less weight than any other brand available on the market today. The company produces two dozen battery options, which are designed to fit the market needs for dirt, street, touring and even scooters, cruiser motorcycles, personal watercraft, ATVs, utility vehicles, and water lawnmowers. Throughout the 2014 racing, Shorai will provide their powerful and lightweight LFX™ lithium iron phosphate batteries to the Yoshimura’s Superbike AMA racing team.
Shorai: Revolutionizing Starter Batteries
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If you still use a lead-acid battery to start your bike you’re relying on 150-year old technology. That’s probably not a good idea if you want your bike to fire up when you want it, which is why more and more riders are switching to Shorai’s lithium ion phosphate starter batteries. Battery specialist Shorai is leading the way in lithium battery technology and its range of LFX batteries are lighter, smaller and more powerful than lead-acid batteries.


• Ultra light. One Fifth the weight of lead-acid batteries
• Zero sulfation, for longer service life
• Holds unloaded charge for one year
• Military spec Carbon Composite Case
• Faster cranking for better starts

• Super-fast recharge rate
• No explosive gasses during charge, no lead, no acid
• Environmentally friendly
• Three-Year Warranty!

Battery Specifications

  • What makes Shorai LFX different from other batteries?

    Shorai LFX batteries contain Shorai-proprietary eXtreme-Rate Lithium Iron prismatic cells (chemistry LiFePO4). Shorai LFX contain no poisonous lead, no dangerous acid, and do not create explosive gasses during charge, as traditional Lead-Acid batteries do. Compared to lead-acid, Shorai LFX lithium are also extremely light, have much lower self-discharge rate, do not sulfate (i.e. do not degrade while sitting unattended), and are environmentally friendly.

  • Why are Shorai LFX priced below other lithium starter batteries?

    Shorai LFX batteries are produced exclusively in our own dedicated factory, in large volume, by an experienced production team. The resulting high yields reduces our costs, and the factory-direct connection allows us to offer pricing which is competitive with traditional OEM lead-acid batteries, and lower than any other lithium-based alternative.

  • Can Shorai LFX be mounted in any position?

    Yes. There are no liquids in the LFX batteries.

  • How long will my LFX battery last?

    That depends on many factors. Under the worst conditions, a lead acid battery may last only a few weeks and under the best about seven years (top-quality brands with regular use). In between you will find a wide variety of user experiences. Our research indicates an average of about 2 1/2 to 3 years lifespan for lead-acid. Under the same average usage conditions, we expect Shorai LFX to last roughly double, or 5 to 6 years. Under ideal usage and storage conditions, we expect 8 to 10 years to be achievable. Due to their lack of sulfation and slow-self discharge, Shorai LFX increase battery life most for users who sometimes store their vehicles for weeks or months at a time, and don't want to or can't use a battery tender.