Rivera Primo

Rivera Primo Inc

Rivera Primo is the leading manufacturer of Harley V Twin motorcycle products and accessories. The company started as separate companies known as Rivera Engineering and Primo Belt Drives. In the 1970s, the owners of the two firms decided to merge their companies and adopt the name Rivera Primo Inc. The products manufactured by Rivera Primo have been known for years to improve the performance of the Harley Davidson motorcycle.

With years of expertise and enhancement of technology, the company has been able to produce new products including belt drives, Hedled Lighting System, inner primary covers and Sharpeye kicker assemblies among other top-quality accessories. Rivera Primo Inc. continues to bring superior quality products, durability, best materials and commitment to customer service.

Rivera Primo Belt Drives are stylish, strong, durable and high performance products that fit into your bike. The belt drives are used to feed the rear wheel with power from the transmission. Rivera Primo Belt Drives have been manufactured from strong fibers covered in polymer and engineered to produce effective drive systems which are quiet and avoid corrosion. These products resist lubrication, stretching and wear which may be caused by enormous loads placed upon them by the engine.

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Rivera Primo Inc

Primo Belt Drive provides advantages that a chain cannot deliver especially when we consider the new technology present in this breakthrough belt drives. Primo Belt Drives are durable and can handle large horsepower loads. The Primo Belt Drive fits inside the primary covers and are compatible with OEM electric start equipment including Pro clutch. Primo Belt Drives also have a polished outer cover and stainless flanges.

Primo belt drives are the most popular ones in the market providing both quality and performance to a motorcycle. The new products presented by Primo belt drives make your motorcycle stylish and you can be sure that it works as well as it looks! Buy Primo belt from 4wheelonline.com at a discount of 25% and get Free Shipping.