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Better Finish... Better Looks... Better durability

RC Components Forged Wheels are made from the highest quality forged aluminum available to create a strong and durable wheel. Each wheel is CNC machined and quality tested to ensure the finest product possible. RC Components makes their wheels in the USA!


RC Components introduced the first billet alluminun forged wheels over twenty years ago with matching pulleys and rotors and has been the industry pioneer. RC Components have championed the industry since with their unique styles and designs. RC Components provide the highest resistance to corrosion by the use of a multi-step nickel chroming process and offers an industry leading seven years chrome warranty. RC Components offer direct drive, cush drive, and more shaft drive metric applications than any other wheel company. By the use of CNC machines, the designs have been cut outstandingly to exact standards and hand polished for the final touch. RC Components provides the most reliable and brilliant finish possible. Why wait when you can get better looks and durability with RC Components. Shop now!