Mustang Motorcycle Seats - 2 Day Sale - 25% Off and SHIPS FREE - The founder and president of Mustang, Al Simmons, created Mustang in the year 1980. An engineer by education and experience, he has been in the motorcycle industry for over forty years. Slowly under Al Simmons’ leadership, Mustang has developed from being a small operation to now being a leader in the design and creation of motorcycle seats. The founder understands the basis of what riders need, and the essentials of seat design due to his travels and by listening to his fellow motorcycle riders.

Since 1980, Mustang has been known to make the highest quality, effective-design seats available and offering it at low prices. Mustang motorcycle seats and luggage are designed for whole day riding pleasure for both the driver and passenger as well as effective and spacious luggage for storage. Every Mustang seat and luggage is made in the United States by experienced craftsmen who are passionate in creating the best quality, raw resources into the Mustang seat that raises the bar.