Four Instances When Motorcycles Were Misrepresented In Movies

Watching movies is all about the entertainment for most people. Movies about riders and motorcycles in general provide the greatest entertainment as you get to see bad ass s*&% Motorcycles can do.

This is true for most movies, but there are a few things that movies seem to get it wrong when it comes to motorcycles, below are four of such instances.

Who Needs A Ramp?

Cool As Ice was an ENORMOUS flop of a movie that came out in the early 90s and starred bitch slapping, hot as hell, Naomi Campbell and the worst one hit wonder offender of all-time, Vanilla Ice.

In the movie, Vanilla Ice managed to jump over a fence without any ramp. During the scene (check out the video), Vanilla Ice was riding alongside a fence when out of the blue, he managed to jump over the fence to the other side. What the hell?

For you to jump that high, a ramp is definitely need or you may end up with a few broken bones.

Being Hit by a Lorry Means Nothing

What do you expect when a motorcycle is hit by a lorry? Well, the makers of Terminator 2: Judgment Day think that you can still hold on after all that. This is exactly what they showed us in the movie when John Connor stayed put even as his dirt bike was hit from the behind by a lorry. We, however, are not sure how he drove on after that hit.

Two-Stroke And Four-Stroke Bikes Make the Same Sound

Motorcycle engines produce distinct sounds depending on their make and model. On that note, it is important to know we have two stroke and four stroke bikes and these produce different sounds that any motorcycle enthusiast will differentiate. In the movie, Black Rain, Michael Douglas is chasing some guy across a field and even though they are both riding two-stroke dirt bikes, the sound produced is that of a four-stroke engine. Come on, guys!!!

No Need to Change the Tires Yourself

In the movie Mission: Impossible II, Tom Cruise shows us that there is no need to change tires every time we move from a paved road to a dirt road. In one scene, as he is being chased by some bad guys, he moves from the paved to the dirt road and his tires automatically transform from road tires to off-road knobbies. At 4Wheelonline, we have a good number of Motorcycle Tires but nothing like what is seen in the movie.
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