Motorcycle Parts & Accessories for Long Distance Trips

If you regularly take long trips on your Motorcycle, you will agree that the experience can be very annoying if you do not have the right parts and accessories. To survive the long distance cruises, Motorcycle owners need a set of accessories as will be discussed below. We will just look at five Motorcycle parts and accessories you should get but you can add others to the list depending on your individual needs.
Motorcycle Seats

Motorcycle Seats

If you will be riding for long periods of time, having the right seat is essential. The seat needs to be comfortable if you do not want to be fatigued after a few miles on the road. Most motorcycle seat manufacturers have custom made seats so finding the one perfect for your motorcycle is very easy. Motorcycle seats available on the market have different prices and styles so the one you end up choosing should fulfil your needs without exceeding your budget.

Motorcycle Lighting


Since you will be driving through different terrains at different times of the day, having reliable lighting accessories is important. The aftermarket motorcycle lights available on the market come in varying shapes and sizes for use in the different environments. There are those perfect for use in foggy conditions, those to be used at night on the highway and those that should be used in dark off road terrains. Just like the seats we have discussed above, the lighting accessories you select will depend on where you will be going.

Helmets/Protection Gear

Accidents do happen randomly on the roads and you never know when and where. To keep yourself safe, you need to get the right helmets and protective gear before hitting the road. For helmets, they help protect you from head injuries in case of an accident and can also be used to protect your hearing. When wearing a helmet, do not forget to also wear earplugs to keep all the noise out.
Motorcycle Windshields


Motorcycle windshields protect the rider from wind and flying debris. Like all aftermarket accessories, windshields are available in different sizes offering different levels of protection. If you will be talking long trips through different terrains, get the windshields that cover you completely just to be on the safe side. You should also know that windshields improve aerodynamics and may slightly improve the performance of the bike.

Motorcycle Luggage

For long trips, backpacks are not appropriate. This is because they will ruin your posture and pinch your shoulders. This will make you really uncomfortable and may ruin your whole trip. You do not want to go with the expensive bags if you are new to this but rather select the affordable ones and see how that works out for you. If you like the experience, you may then upgrade to better and more expensive ones.

By: James Langston
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