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LE PERA MOTORCYCLE SEATS - On Sale Now Le Pera Motorcycle Seats is now celebrating its 40 years of great service in terms of providing the best all around quality motorcycle seats on the market. Le Pera takes great pride in crafting the most unique and most outstanding motorcycle seat designs in their catalog ranging from the Villain design, to the Maverick design, and many more.
The Le Pera seats provide comfort in each individual seat products that are produced through high density molded foam foundations. The seats are also built on a beautifully powder-coated steel plate for extra stability in those long, rough rides. The bottom of every base plate is carpeted providing a friction-free surface between seat and fender. Our staff is ready to help you with your purchase. Call us at (813) 769-2451


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Le Pera Motorcycle Seats Articles and Reviews
Le Pera Motorcycle Seats Guarantee a Classy and Smooth Ride
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For forty years, Le Pera Motorcycle seats have been providing riders with the smoothest most comfortable rides thanks to their range of motorcycle seats. With outstanding designs and meticulous finishes, Le Pera has continued to rank high on rider’s custom accessories list. These seats are molded from high density foam set on a steel plate foundation that makes for a stable feel. Let us have a look at some of the most popular Le Pera seats and accessories. Read More...
Le Pera Motorcycle Seats Offers you the Perfect Option
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Le Pera meticulous attention to detail has made it to achieve a global recognition as one of the best custom seat builders on the market. Every year, Le Pera introduces new designs by embodying all styles and craftsmanship. Whether it is a genuine hide of shark, stingray, alligator or ostrich, La Pela has it all. You if you want to make everyone around you envious, get Le Pera motorcycle seat because one legend deserves another legend.


The Le Pera craftsmanship, along with their cutting edge design, makes them one of the premiere customized options in terms of Harley motorcycle seats. By putting all efforts into Harley’s, Le Pera has found the perfect relationship between seat and motorcycle. Le Pera boasts seats that are “pure form”, a feature they take advantage of by allowing the seat to take the shape of a seat purely. The Silhouette, King Cobra, and Bare Bones series seats are examples of “pure form” seats.
Even other Le Pera seat series such as the Maverick’s design purpose is to compliment the lines of the motorcycle.