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Kendon now 25% Off and Ship Free. Kendon manufacturers products for motorcycle lovers. Kendon is the top rated manufacturer with over 20 years of experience and, to this day, still going strong creating new and enhanced products for motorbikes. Kendon created stand up trailer designs to fit individual needs of bikers.

Kendon stand up trailers provides a great solution for motorcyclists, and an easy way to store your trailer and an easy way to tow your motorcycle..

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Kendon Trailer Equipment That May Also Come Handy
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When you think of Kendon motorcycle trailers, think of torsion axles with independent suspension and round tube construction that is triangulated. The company has over twenty years of experience. With this experience Kendon has been able to find ways of compressing the structure of its motorcycle trailers to a point where they can easily fit in small space in your garage.
Loading and Unloading Your Motorcycle on a Kendon Trailer
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Kendon trailers are known for their strength and ability to carry heavy motorcycles and ATVs. The ability of these trailers to carry motorcycles or ATVs is known but what most people may not know is how to safely load the motorcycles or ATVs onto the trailer. The process of loading motorcycle to a trailer is straightforward but there are some tips that should be observed at all times to ensure safety of the motorcycle owner and the motorcycle itself.
Kendon Utility Trailer Review
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Kendo folding trailer has the ability to accommodate two ATV or motorcycles for once. The trailers further stand up and fold up. Therefore, with the Kendon trailers, you do not need to worry about a storage place. This is because, they can be easily be stored in the utility shed, garage and even outside. The utility kit comes with Kendon's integrated wheel chock system thus enabling one person loading.

Wider Rail with Adjustable Wheel Chocks
Designed to support larger and/or small size and size front side tires. You can now move the rim chock on your foldable movie trailer to fit your front side rim.

Next Generation Hybrid Torsion Bar Axle
Co-developed by Tie Down Technological innovation, this American made exclusive patented axle is provided for all 2000-lb. GVW foldable trailer and application trailer and provides unrivaled hauling overall performance.

New and Improved Fenders
Made with A572/grade 50 material these fenders are an integrated part of the folding trailer and offer superior performance and styling.