J.E. Pistons

J.E. Pistons

J.E. Pistons

Demonstrating over 60 years of experience, JE Pistons is known to be the principal maker of high performance forged pistons for different ATVs, Dirt Bikes, and Street Bikes. JE Pistons boasts its notable history of creating and producing the top quality pistons and components that are always desired by professional engine builders, race teams and off road buffs to trust and rely on.

Primary engine builders including NASCAR, ALMS, NHRA, AMA Supercross and many more opted for JE Pistons above all the other available brands in the market today. JE’s team operates through continuous research and development of exceptional materials, piston designs and advanced equipment to produce the best products possible. Using high-tech and state-of-the-art CNC machines in building up its outstanding pistons and components along with purpose-designed forgings, JE preserves thorough specifications on each and every piston.

JE moreover, is the only performance piston manufacturer to gain the QS-9000 quality standard, thus, reinforcing that JE provides the highest standards in quality control. JE invested in modern equipment for assessing its products to guarantee the latest in piston design configurations. CHECK OUT J.E. PISTONS, PISTON RINGS, CLIPS and BEARINGS!



1. Are JE pistons forged?
Yes all JE and SRP pistons are forged for maximum strength and durability.

2. Are there available rings to go with the Pistons?
Yes! JE stocks a complete line of JE Pro Seal piston rings. All SRP Professional and JE Sport Compact
shelf piston kits include rings. Most JE Powersports piston kits include rings.

3. How much lift will a piston take?
This value depends on the engine and piston part number. JE and SRP Pistons are designed with valve pocket depths to fit most
popular camshafts. We strongly recommend checking the piston to valve clearance during assembly.