Jagg Oil Coolers

Jagg is in the business of providing you with the best oil coolers you can fit in for your motorcycles. The engine of a motorcycle is like a heart to the human body. And just like the heart needs blood at the right temperature, so does the engine need its oil at the right degrees. The oil is continuously in contact with moving surfaces in the engine which produce a lot of heat as the motorcycle continues to move. If engine oil stays too hot it might cause engine breakdown in the course of time and when such problems arise the costs of repair may skyrocket beyond your wildest expectations. That is why it is important to get a good oil cooler than will extend your engine health for years to come.

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Hyper-Flow Technology

Jagg oil coolers remain the best option available today for all engines.They are built with Hyper flow technology which provides massive heat rejection and high flow/low pressure drop.

Jagg Advantage

In addition to this,Jagg oil coolers come in a number of models. The 4700 has a thermostat by-pass which disallows the oil from passing through the oil cooler until temperatures are above 190 F. The aim here is to maximize your oil’s cooling efficiency. These are all features that you don’t simply find in each and every oil cooler in the industry.

What sets Jagg apart?

The brazing technology, internal design and fin design of Jagg Oil Coolers give them an edge over other oil cooler brands. This cutting edge technology has been the result of extensive research and development at Jagg to produce the best values in their cooling products. As a result, Jagg coolers ensure maximum fluid exposure to the cooler, zero barriers for heat transfer and durability.

Jagg Oil Coolers takes on designs that are both good on the outside and on the inside. Their slim fitting streamlined designs are made with the motorcycle’s overall appearance in mind. You don’t need to worry about having bulky protrusions on the side of your bike to weigh down its look. They will fit right in and even appear as if they came with the bike on purchase.

But these coolers don’t just sit and look pretty; they give the best cooling performance as well. Taking on the mechanical advantages of multi-cooling surfaces, hyper flow technology and fan assistance, Jagg Oil coolers give much greater efficiency on the road than all other competing products.