IRC Wild Flare WF 920 Tires

  • Great looking tires
  • Grips the road and corners smoothly
  • Well-balanced in design and performance
  • Widest and lowest profile design
  • The best choice for custom cruisers
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  • Provides sports bike like stability and maneuverability
  • Adhesion on both wet and dry road surfaces
  • Added reinforcement at the side wall or tire bead junction
  • Empower you with confidence
  • Performs great even in freshly gravelled blacktop and wet roads
  • Tire bead and sidewall come together


IRC Wild Flare WF 920 tire is the best choice for custom cruisers. It provides stability and maneuverability normally found on sports bikes. This great looking tire also has a well-balanced design and performance. It is proven to perform great even in freshly gravelled blacktop and wet roads. Plus, it has an impressive grip on the road. This incredible tire will surely bring confidence to you even at high speeds, and on hard cornering and leaning.

Size Type L.I. Overall Diameter Overall Width Standard Rim Measurement Rim
120/80-17 M/CTL61H626117MT2.75MT2.75
120/90-18 M/CTL65H676119MT2.75MT2.75
130/90-16 M/CTL67H640132MT3.00MT3.00
130/90-16 M/CTL67H639130MT3.00MT3.00
140/90-15 M/CTL70H633144MT3.50MT3.50
140/90-16 M/CTL71H662146MT3.50MT3.50
150/90-15 M/CTL74H659151MT3.50MT3.50
80/90-21 M/CTL48H67880MT1.85MT1.60
100/90-19 M/CTL57H670105MT2.50MT2.50
110/90-19 M/CTL62H685109MT2.50MT2.50
150/80-15 M/CTL70H633154MT3.50MT3.50
170/80-15 M/CTL77H660175MT4.00MT4.00