IRC Road Winner RX 01 Tires

  • Very durable built
  • Superior performance
  • Unique, aggressive tread design
  • Aggressive tread design
  • Sold individually
  • Lowest price
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  • Unique tread design
  • Flexible tread surface
  • Supeior road holding performance
  • Sturdy casing construction
  • Well-balanced in abrasion resistance and grip
  • Combines narrow and wide grooves
  • Improved straight-line stability


The IRC Road Winner RX 01 Tires have a very unique and aggressive tread design with sturdy casing construction for improved straight-line stability and well-balanced abrasion resistance and grip. The narrow grooves of this tire create a flexible tread surface for an excelled road holding performance.

Size Type L.I. Overall Diameter Overall Width Standard Rim Measurement Rim
120/80-17 M/CTL61H626118MT2.75MT2.75
130/70-17 M/CTL62H615127MT3.50MT3.50
130/80-17 M/CTL65H644129MT3.00MT3.00
100/80-17 M/CTL52H592100MT2.50MT2.50
110/70-17 M/CTL54H592109MT3.00MT3.00
120/70-17 M/CTL58H605120MT3.50MT3.50
130/70-18 M/CTL63H643127MT3.50MT3.50
140/70-17 M/CTL66H626139MT4.00MT4.00
140/70-18 M/CTL67H650138MT4.00MT4.00
150/70-17 M/CTL69H639147MT4.00MT4.00
150/70-18 M/CTL70H665147MT4.00MT4.00