Galfer Brakes


Galfer is an industry leader in brake systems performance, technology and innovations. Galfer brake products are used by racers to offer better grip on wheels and sustain his grip throughout the braking process. With years of expertise and experience in brake systems, the company provides top quality products and services to customers.

Galfer Brakes is a company established in 1946 as a brake pad supplier for motorcycle and auto manufacturers. After years of production the company opened warehouses in different states including Oxnard, California, and serves North and South America, Australia and the Far East.

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The products are manufactured by skilled experts of brake technology. Top racing teams are associated with Galfe. This gives them the advantage of getting the newest bikes before the public and making sure that the brake pads are replaced with Galfer brake products.

Galfer offers original and powerful brake lines, brake pads, brake rotors, brake levers and master cylinders. The manufacturers produce constant improvements on the products and enhance them to lead in the market. Increase the braking power on your automotive with Galfer performance braking system products.

Galfer Brakes Brief History

Galfer Brakes was founded by Maffio Milesi in Barcelona, Spain, in 1946 as a brake pad supplier for major European motorcycle and auto makers. For the most part, Galfer was unknown in the United States until 1992 when Giorgio Milesi – one of Maffio Milesi’s three sons – moved to Santa Barbara, California with his son Sandro to open Galfer USA.

Sixteen years and two locations later, Galfer USA resides in a 12,000 square-foot warehouse in Oxnard, California, and services North and South America, Australia and the Far East. Although all Galfer brake pads are still made in our Barcelona factory, Galfer USA is at the forefront of brake technology. All Galfer stainless steel brake lines are made in the same building as our sales, management and design teams. And many of Galfer’s rotors are now made right here in Southern California.