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Eiko been in operation since 1978 and in that time they have gained their reputation over the years not only for the production of quality lighting accessories in the auto industry, but also for offering environmental friendly products. Eiko offers the best lighting for, electrical, photographic and healthcare applications of the very latest advancements. This organization consists of a team of qualified personnel, who ensure that the end product comes out with the desired precision and with the simplicity that offers a solution for all the lighting needs.
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Eiko has a full selection of lighting accessories designed by team of dedicated professionals, who will ensure that every product is made with the desired precision. This organization has a very wide clientele base ranging from stage/studio, photographic, audio visual, automotive as well as electrical accessories.


Among the long term goals of Eiko as an organization is to offer the market quality products. Maintaining and increasing the profit margin calls for dedication and consistency in service delivery and offering practical solutions for all your lighting needs. Some of the ways through which Eiko steps in to offer solutions for their clientele base includes inventory control, marketing tools, cost –cutting operations and recognized eco-friendly products.


Eiko as an organization that aims to offer the best to its customers and at the same time make their products easy to use. Simplicity is the main idea behind a venture that has quickly thriven to be credited as one of the best solutions for your lighting needs. Eiko has also designed systems that will ensure there is a quick personal response and that the customer ordering process has been made even easier.