Bikers Choice

Biker's Choice is one of the most dynamic brand names with the highest-profile catalog in the industry. With over 10,000 motorcycle products Biker’s Choice covers everything from ATV engine hoses to Cruiser license plate frames.

Their success started in 1971 when a business-savvy entrepreneur Larry Coppola saw the need for a good Harley parts distributor in the New England area. He started NEMPCO (New England Motor Parts Company). With a decade of growth and success behind him, he brought on an expert partner to focus on performance and replacement parts.

In 1984, to further outline the company’s position in the market, they nicknamed the company “Nempco – The Biker’s Choice.”

Biker's Choice caters everything from wire and fasteners to fully-loaded “build-your-own” motorcycle kits and from spark plugs to the finest leather apparel available. They have always been known as the front-runner in quality parts, and that reputation is highlighted by the brands they develop and represent over the years. Biker’s Choice is a source for the leading brand names in the American V-Twin aftermarket industry.

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