Supertrapp Motorcycle Exhausts

Supertrapp Motorcycle Exhausts

Supertrapp Exhaust Systems are one of the finest made for Automotive and Motorcycle use. A Supertrapp muffler allows the rider to determine the sound level, powerband, and performance of his ride. This is done by diffuser discs bolted to the end of the muffler. Put simply the more discs the more power and noise.

The kind of pipes your motorbike has can make or break it. The advantage of SuperTrapp is their tunable disc technology that makes it easier to find that sweet spot once the motor work is done. It ensures that you don’t leave 10 to 15 HP under the table.

If it breathes air and burns fuel, we'll help you squeeze out every bit of performance it has in it!
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For 40 years and going strong, SuperTrapp Industries, Inc. has been a leading manufacturer of over 400 performance exhaust systems for a variety of motorcycle applications. In addition to their signature tunable disc diffuser exhaust systems, SuperTrapp Motorcycle Exhausts manufactures the Kerker brand of exhaust systems, Road Legends Series, designed by master bike builder. SuperTrapp Industries, Inc. is headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio. SuperTrapp Motorcycle Exhausts offer exhaust sound bites and a comprehensive on-line product catalog for buyers to view a complete list of all available products suitable for their specific application.

This range of exhausts in this section includes SuperTrapp Exhausts in different styles and series. In this section you will find Mean Mothers, Mean Mother II, Internal Disc Series, Exhaust systems and Slip-Ons for Harley Davidson Motorcycles, Silent Series, Fat Shots, True Duals and the SE Series! Have a good look and decide on what will make your bike not only look fantastic but sound great too!