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Shinko Tires


Shinko is one of the biggest selling brands of quality motorcycle tires at lowest prices in the USA. In 1998, Shinko Tire Company used radial technology and moulds in producing race tires for our motorcyclists to improved performance, handling and looks. Shinko produced high-quality motorcycle tires for over a decade. Each of the many Shinko motorcycle tires have been designed and manufactured by some of the best professionals in the industry. Their success in manufacturing high quality motorcycle tires is the rigorous testing and evaluation that Shinko motorcycle tires go through.

Shinko continues to develop new radial technology which uses lightweight steel strands that runs zero degrees around carcass of the tire similar to the other well-known producers of performance motorcycle tires. Shinko’s mission is to create tires that meet the demands and needs of the motorcyclists in the market whether they are riding a sportbike, off-road, dual sport tires, cruisers or scooter.


Ongoing testing in the USA and R & D at Shinko Tire means a continuous path of exciting tires to meet the need of today's riders. Shinko Motorcycle Tires and WPS are here to serve the rider needs. The Shinko Motorcycle Tires create an impression that they are certainly the next best thing that any motorcycle enthusiast could get and that they could come in handy to those who are on a tight budget. Shinko Motorcycle Tires are tagged as the most affordable decent tires that anyone can have. The total performance often meets the satisfaction of riders when it comes to the grips and also the major factor that made it more appealing to customers was its very affordable price.


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