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OGIO Moto - Bike

OGIO Moto bike luggage is perfect to carry your personal stuff for either a short day ride or a long trip. They come in a number of shapes and sizes to give you an option of selecting the one that suits your needs. The various models available include the Moto MX flight vest, the stealth Moto saddle duffle bag, the stealth Moto tail duffle bag and the Moto tanker bag. Apart from the flight vest, the rest of the bags are mounted to the back of the bike when riding. All these bags have multiple compartments that have loads of space to store your items safely and securely.

OGIO Moto bike luggage is both a stylish and functional bag made with tough materials that can be used for a long time without wear. The tough materials used are also water and dust resistant to make the bag suitable for use in any weather condition. They have easy to grab handles that makes it easier for you to carry the bag around. These bags are reliable since they are made by a leading manufacturer of motorcycle luggage, OGIO, and come with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.