Michelin Motorcycle Tires

Michelin Motorcycle Tire Michelin Pilot Road 4GT Michelin Commander II
Michelin recommends its motorcycle and scooter tires for the models shown in the fitment guide. While every attempt has been made to make this list comprehensive, some makes and models have been omitted.

Michelin Motorcycle Tires

Michelin is one of the premiums, widespread and oldest tire manufacturers around. It has been around since 1989. Michelin produces highest quality and innovating motorcycle tires that deliver miles and miles driving pleasure. Technological advancement that utilized in our motorcycle tires is the product of Michelin. Michelin motorcycle tires have completely smooth or nearly smooth thread surface, with no or a little thread pattern; constructed in which casing plies are laid at an angle perpendicular to the direction of tire travel; used silica to provide significantly improved grip; with 2-Compound Technology which made up of two rubber mixtures, the softer and harder compound. Michelin motorcycle tires are made for different types of motorcycle applications that will excellently suit to your motorcycle. Whether you are riding on a city street, on or off-road, trekking or sport touring, Michelin motorcycle tires will put you in safety.

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