Cycra is a known as one the top manufacturers of plastic body and protection gear for the motorcycle industry, using a state-of-the-art injection molding and thermo-molding processes to produce front and rear fenders, side panels radiator shrouds, handguards, vented number plates, tank covers and motorcycle stand, among other motorcycle equipment. Cycra provides race teams like Yamaha, Kawasaki, Honda, Suzuki, and KTM with products, such as Number plates, streamlined body panels, Powerflow body kits and Probend handguards.

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Cycra Bodywork

Cycra Bodywork offers high-quality motorcycle body parts such as Radiator Shrouds, Side Panels, Plastic kits, Tank Covers and Cycra’s newest creation – Skid plates.

Cycra Stands

Cycra Stands are lightweight and with the larger leg design it is easy to pull the stand around to where you might need it even when the motorcycle is on the stand.


Founded in 1991, Cycra is an award-winning firm specializing in the design and manufacturing of superior, state-of-the-art plastic for the OEM and aftermarket motorcycle industry. Ken and Glen Laivins, founders and principals of Cycra, have been involved with motorcycle racing their entire lives. Sharing a passion for motorcycles, the two brothers shared their experiences in art and design over a decade ago, to create a studio specializing in motorcycle plastic design. Cycra's new facility in Hebron, Ohio holds over 57,000 square feet of production space and 10,000 square feet dedicated for engineering, design, and office space.

Cycra focuses in motorcycle plastic design using advanced technologies. The creative process includes clay and foam mockups, 3-D scanning of parts, and 3-D computer modeling using Pro-Engineer. Cycra is capable of building prototypes that are both functional and artistically stunning. Simple parts to difficult assemblies can be built using a variety of materials and techniques including CNC milling, thermoforming, casting, and injection molding.

Flexibility is the key element in the Cycra design process. Using the latest CNC mills and programs available, prototype and production pieces are created expertly and adaptations can be easily integrated. The Cycra design process is distinctive in that complete control is maintained from initial design concept, through the tooling phase, and onto the manufacturing phase. This type of control achieves faster and more economical product development cycles, cuts tooling expenses and reworks, and increases high-quality, reliable products.

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Cycra Probend Handguards

Cycra ProBend Handguards is a protective handguard built specifically for Flex Handlebars.The patented manufacturing of Cycra uses the highest quality 6061 aluminum for a precise fit and maximum strength. The ProBend Racer Pack includes allow handguards with plastic abrasion guards, plastic shields, alloy bar ends and mounting hardware.

Cycra Speed Armor Skid Plate

Cycra Speed Armor Skid plates gives maximum protection for motor and lower rails and allows the frame to flex and have a predictable feel without the ridged feel of and aluminum plate. The injection molded high impact plastic gives them and extra ordinary toughness. Cycra Speed Armor Plates are built for professional level racing with over a year of development in the national outdoor motocross and cross country series races.

Cycra Hardstreet Saddlebags

Stow away your goods and keep them locked down with Cycra Hardstreet Saddle Bags.With Over 2,400 cubic inch of volume per bag providing you with plenty of space to store your things during rain of shine travel.

Cycra Front Fender, Rear Fender  and Radiator Shourds

These innovative products are exclusively designed and developed by Cycra, the leading industry in motorcycle plastic manufacturer. Cycra products including Front Fenders, Rear Fenders, Radiator Shrouds and many more are designed and developed for great durability,quality and great looks.Click on the link above to go to the product section.