Braking | Brakes and Pads
for Motorcycle world

Braking brings the ultimate brakes and pads for the motorcycle industry. With its wide range of brake and pads, brackets and calipers, radial master cylinders, wheels and more, Braking is a whole element every rider’s looking for.

In just 10 years in motorcycle industry, Braking reaches 78 world title victories that serve as the foundation for the company’s growth and expansion. This gives the people behind Braking the strength of mind to excel more in the industry and give every riders the passion and adrenaline together with the technology and quality of products for any situation may have been.



Braking Sunstar
Installation of Brake Disk

Braking products are made for different manufacturer in motorcycle world such as Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha and more. The continuous research of the company reflects on its product performance in any situation. The wide range of every product gives every rider the ability to choose the one with his own style.

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