Professional motorcycle racers all over the world have shown a growing need for better motorcycle tuning technology in the market. Bazzaz has, in response, continued to develop powerful engine management products since 2003 by introducing a range of fun, easy to use and effective products into the racing market that have been used in competitions all over the world. With tools designed for smooth fuel control, quick shift and reliable traction control, Bazzaz is the recommended choice for all riders.

Bazzaz | Dirt Bike
From $ 161.82
Bazzaz | Street Bike
From $ 57.64
Bazzaz ATV | UTV
From $ 35.62

Over the past decade, Bazzaz has established itself as the market leader in production of state of the art tuning equipment. The top notch quality of Bazzaz tuning tools comes as a result of having the best knowledge in motorcycle engineering. Ammar Bazzaz started the company after having worked for over six years as a race engineer helping some of the world’s best champions get the most out of their motorbikes and win coveted titles. After starting his own company through which he could share his tuning expertise with the world, he managed to fill a strong demand in the motor racing industry. Users of Bazzaz Smart Performance Tuning technology can expect to add a significant buzz to their engine’s throttle, torque gain and anti-slip regulation.

To experience the full effect of Bazzaz’s state of the art innovation, you should look no further than the Z-Fi line of products which come at low-cost prices. Getting started with this set of gear is quite simple. The Z-Fi line comes with an easy to use guide for installation that will get you tuning your bike in no time.