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BMC Air Filters are one of the most acclaimed brand names in the automotive and motorcycle industries today. From its humble home in Bologna, Italy, BMC's international reach extends to Japan, Germany, the United States and all over the world to companies like BMC produces the world's best quality air filters both for racing and for street use.

BMC's aim is bringing the knowledge of keeping professional race cars in tip-top shape to the everyday vehicle. BMC Air Filters are designed and produced by Italian Engineers to be used in extreme conditions with the highest, most intuitive performance on the market today. Since 1996 a BMC Air Filter has equipped some of the most important Teams in F1 and American Le Mans Series like Ferrari, Toyota, Williams BMW, Prost, Sauber, Minardi, Porsche and Audi.

After multiple successes in Formula 1 and the brilliant performance of the Yamaha World Supersport Belgarda and Team Suzuki Alstare Corona, BMC affirmed themselves as a reference point and category leader for high product quality of materials and design features.

BMC filters are used in the harshest conditions on the track to test the performance and reliability and therefore reach the mass production line using the same materials already tested extensively. The range of BMC's reach includes all manners of vehicles, steadily with the production of filters for all new models.

Performance-wise, a BMC Filter is designed and manufactured to ensure a higher air flow than traditional paper filters. BMC cotton filters also help to minimize the pressure loss of air flow through the filter, thus ensuring the best conditions for full exploitation of maximum power. It is evident that the benefits of a cotton filter over a regular paper filter are extensive.

Every one of the filters are designed painstakingly by computer technicians and created by experienced personnel using the best technology the world over. To pass strenous testing, an F1 filter must be light, must use the best materials and must be fast. For this reason, BMC filters using aluminum mesh covered with epoxy ensure resistance to the fuel vapor and oxidation due to air humidity. The filtering material consists of cotton soaked with special low viscosity oil to ensure the best air permeability.

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