Avon Motorcycle Tires

Avon Motorcycle Tires
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Avon Tires started producing tires in 1885 and quickly brought up into one of the most successful and technologically advance performance motorcycle tire manufacturers around the world. In its primary stages in 1911, Avon Tires was elevating in tire industry in aromatic style of technology with the most advanced and durable compounds available. During the First World War, Avon Tires products were present on almost every type of military vehicle in all branches of the British military. Thenceforth, Avon Tires has succeeded in establishing a year by year world record in a way of racing sequence.
Avon Motorcycle Tires
Avon Motorcycle Tires
Avon Motorcycle Tires
Product Image Today, Avon Tires has continued to prove its commitment to excellence through innovation, rumor world championships and by the utilization of some of the most advanced technology and materials to manufacture a very best performance tire in the world for sportbike, touring, sport touring, adventure touring, and custom v-twin cruiser applications. More than a century in the world of racing and riding, Avon tires have proven itself both on the track and on the street. Whether it is sportbike, sport touring, touring, adventure touring or a custom v-twin cruiser, Avon tires has proved that no matter the bike or conditions, Avon tire is right tire for you.

Over a century of competition on the world, Avon Tire Research and Development uses the field of the leading race courses in the world to you as their testing grounds. All of Avon’s innovation can be joined to the most polishing, sludgy condition and motorcycle tire can lasts so that today street tire can stand anything you wandering around it. From its meek beginning along the Avon River to being one of the most leading manufacturers, Avon Tires has become the most trusted name among all the manufacturers of performance motorcycle tires. Racing or riding, cruising or cornering, it is Avon that more people rely and trust.
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