Acerbis Bodyworks

Acerbis is a company founded by Franco Acerbis in 1973, in response from the challenges that he experienced in his own race career in the early 70s. Acerbis Company has always showcased its passion for the motorcycle racing world bearing the sole purpose of being the major player in this market sector.

Today, Acerbis continue to produce innovative and protective aftermarket accessories. Over 30 years of experience with the best off-road racers in the world has enriched the Acerbis constant technical development, allowing Acerbis to become a premier company within the motorcycle industry. Guaranteed long lasting performance, comfort, and safety is what Acerbis want you to have.

The production and commercial activities of Acerbis have been registered in many different sport activities. In addition to the already existing winter sports, biking or alpine products, Acerbis has widened its service to include soccer and fashion. Acerbis is steadily rising to the top and is consistently raising the bar to become the reference brand in the world of multi sport.

The various competitions become the best opportunities to test the safety of the Acerbis products and this are all possible through the feedback obtained from the athletes who are sponsored by the Italian parent company. All the best ideas are enhanced and updated as a result of the experience gathered and obtained through the various professional and amateur races. This eventually facilitates the diligent task of the Research and Development Department whose efforts are focused in finding lasting solutions for Acerbis customers. All new products and the updated versions of existing products of Acerbis are all tested and tried on the motorbikes as well as on the bodies of Acerbis-sponsored riders under extreme conditions where the products are subject to the toughest conditions to prove their resistance against all forms of hazards and their effeciency against all types of perils on and off the road.

Performance, comfort and safety are the focus of Acerbis during the production process. The combination of these three determining factors allows for the conception and the presentation of unique design products with technical features which optimize the utility and the functionality requirements of each and avery customer.