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Method Wheels are On Sale Now Plus Free Shipping! Method Race Wheels brings you the best quality wheels for truck, Jeep, or SUV. Method Wheels manufacturers strong wheels suitable for both street and off road use. The style is mainly reflective of the designs that dominated early off road racing, but with some contemporary updates. This creates a great looking wheel, which is very popular among enthusiasts. The spokes design is classic strong and bold. Many rim lips offer a simulated beadlock ring, now referred to as a 'Street-Loc', they also feature replaceable steel bolts. Most wheels also have the Method brand machined into the wheel face. Method wheels have a quality finish with the most popular finishes being black and machined. Our staff is ready to help you with your purchase. Call us at (813) 769-2451.

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Method Wheels Articles and Reviews (4)
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Functionality and appearance are both factors that Method Race has taken into account when constructing its range of wheels. As a result the firm offers six of the most reliable off road race truck wheels that you can find at a cost you can afford. These wheels have been tested by various drivers in off road races such as the recent 2014 Oregon Trail Rally, and TORC (The Off Road Championship).
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Method race wheels has had a fantastic season in The Off Road Championship (TORC) with its drivers dominating their respective podiums. During the last race for the 2014 edition of TORC series, Method race wheels drivers Shawn Morris, CJ Greaves and Johnny Greaves all had podium spots in their respective races. CJ finished first in the pro light series, third in the pro 4 class and second in the pro 2 class.
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Method Wheeels is a proud sponsor of the 4 time Oregon Trail Rally winner David Higgins. In May of 2014, Higgins and Method Wheels once again returned to the beautiful and grueling Oregon- Mount Hood course. The team, as expected, showcased why they are such a powerhouse by grabbing the victory in impressive fashion. And like always, Method Wheels came up big in the victory. Check out more here.
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The 2014 Best in the Desert's Vegas to Reno race was held on August 15 in Las Vegas, Nevada. This is the toughest and most extreme off road race that saw Method race wheels drivers, Gary Weyhrich and Steve Strobel, finish third and fourth respectively. This was a tough race for them as the challenging terrains saw them miss on the top two spots that were scooped by Jason Voss and Dale Dondel respectively.

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Method Race Rims are created to offer off-road driving enthusiasts wheels that are most to their kind of driving. During the manufacturing process, Method Wheels undergo numerous tests and element analysis that ensures the end product is of the highest quality appropriate for off road trucks, rock crawler, buggy as well as street wheels for SUV and Jeep applications. The manufacturing process of all Method Rims focuses on increasing the strength while reducing weight to ensure they are lighter and more durable. If you need any information or assistance in choosing a Method Wheel, Please call us at 813-769-2451.

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