MBRP Black Exhaust Systems - Back in Black

model t

The Model T Ford came in black, black and… err… black

Black is back! 100 years ago over half the cars on the road were black and Henry Ford famously said; “Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants so long as it is black”. Since then we’ve seen every color in the rainbow used on the automobile, but today black is once more the color of choice.

Flat black in particular has become the look to have. The style has become known as ‘murdered out’ because of its menacing appearance, but there was an Achilles’ heel to this all black apeparance… the exhaust.

MBRP Debut the Black Exhaust

exhaust showcar

An MBRP show truck complete with insane looking Black System exhaust and chrome tip

The exhaust tailpipes on a pickup are pretty prominent – even more so on a diesel model – and having a large shiny tube sticking out of the back ruined the all-black style.

Performance exhaust specialist MBRP applied its considerable R&D skills to come up with the world’s first line of black exhaust components, called (unsurprisingly) the Black Series.

How did MBRP do it? It’s not giving all its secrets away but does say that it developed a unique coating that’s resistant to the high heats encountered in an exhaust system. But however MBRP managed to make it happen, its Black exhausts look insanely good.

Same MBRP Quality and Performance, Different Color

As with all MBRP exhaust products the Black delivers appreciable increases in horsepower and torque, a reduction in operating temperature and of course that fantastic deep muffler sound.Precision manufacturing ensures the Black System will bolt on effortlessly to most trucks and there’s no welding or specialized skills involved. With a few basic hand tools an MBRP exhaust should take no more than 45-minutes to install.

black exhaust

Quality, performance and that unique black finish

MBRP stands behind the quality and durability of the Black System; each one coming with a 1-year warranty for the coating and 3-year warranty on the components themselves.

There really is nothing else like the Black System out there. Fit one to your truck and it’s guaranteed to turn heads wherever you go, you can be sure of that!

By John Bone

Posted on August 19th, 2013
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