Mayhem Wheels

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Mayhem Wheels make their products with style and functionality. Mayhem Wheels are sold at the lowest prices and they Ship Free. Their four decades in the business of aftermarket wheels gained them knowledge and experience on innovating their products. They have been known for their unique designs and detailing that captivates people's attention.

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Mayhem Wheels<br /> CHAOS 8030 Chrome
From $ 211.65
Mayhem Wheels<br /> CHAOS 8030 Matte Black
From $ 162.94
Mayhem Wheels<br /> Hammer 8050 Black/Milled
From $ 168.89
Mayhem Wheels<br /> Havoc 8020 Matte Black/Milled
From $ 156.67
Mayhem Wheels<br /> Missile 8060 Black
From $ 165.65
Mayhem Wheels<br /> Missile 8060 Chrome
From $ 211.65
Mayhem Wheels<br /> RIOT 8010 Black/Machined
From $ 168.89
Mayhem Wheels<br /> Tank 8040 Black
From $ 152.12
Mayhem Wheels<br /> Tank 8040 Chrome
From $ 200.82
Mayhem Wheels<br/> 8015 Matte Black
From $ 152.12
Mayhem Wheels<br/> 8090 Rampage Black/Milled Spokes
From $ 168.89
Mayhem Wheels<br/> 8090 Rampage Matte Black
From $ 152.12
Mayhem Wheels<br/> Warrior 8015 PVD 2 Chrome
From $ 190.00
Mayhem Wheels Articles and Reviews
Mayhem Wheels: Four of the Best
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Improved performance and better appearance are the two main goals that Mayhem wheel’s engineers set out to achieve when they hit the production line. They are designed to satisfy the off road market with a combination of cast aluminum styling, sturdy mechanical structures and stability oriented offsets. Most of the wheels bear a neutral offset which sets your truck’s body weight level with the center of the wheel
What to Expect from Mayhem Wheels At First Glance
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Industry experts can affirm that Mayhem wheels are a guarantee of superb wheel performance. Having been approved through ISO9000, OEM, SEA and TUV standards to name but a few, they are a collection of functional wheels that you can use on your vehicle for years. They are made by the Wheel Group which is the same company that brought you Mazzi, Trailer wheels, Masini and Akita.
Mayhem Wheels Increase The ‘Fear Factor’
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One of the great joys of modifying your truck or Jeep is deciding what type of wheels to install. If you like your wheels to have an ultra-aggressive style with unbeatable durability, then you need to see the latest catalogue from Mayhem Wheels. These rims have the sickest designs we have ever seen. CLICK HERE to see if you’re crazy enough to install a set on your ride.

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Mayhem Rims

Mayhem rims discovered what customers are looking for. Improved appearance and better performance for any vehicle is their goal. The wheels are manufactured with advanced technology to ensure durability. 4wheelonline is proud to offer a line of stylish wheels. Check out the collection with the lowest price and free shipping on selected items. Mayhem Wheels continue to deliver what people consider the best wheel on the market.