Magnaflow Is the Official Exhaust of the 2013 Hot Rod Power Tour

2013 Hot Rod Power Tour

This year, the Hot Rod Power Tour is celebrating its 19th anniversary. For the past 19 years, The Hot Rod Power Tour has been growing in stature and building off of the enduring legacy and popularity of its sponsor, Hot Rod Magazine. The annual tour has been recognized by gearheads nationwide as a rolling tribute to the legacy and continued success of the performance car. This year’s version of the tour lasted 7 days and traveled over 1400 miles, starting in Arlington, Texas and primarily traveling through the southern half of the United States.

The Hot Rod Power Tour has always been proud to welcome all forms of hot rods, street rods, custom trucks, sport compacts, and street machines. The 2013 tour featured somewhere between four and five thousand vehicles, which doesn’t account for the thousands of people that didn’t participate in the drive but showed up to the event at the final stop of the tour in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Magnaflow Sponsorship

Each year, manufacturers line up to sponsor the tour because they know the publicity that comes with it. Because of this stiff competition and Hot Rod’s desire to maintain their high level of integrity, only the very best companies are chosen for sponsorship. This year, Magnaflow became the official exhaust sponsor of the 2013 Hot Rod Power Tour, helping to cement their place atop the aftermarket exhaust world.

The Revolver

magnaflow revolver truckThe Revolver’s unique design turned a lot of heads this year. One man even proclaimed that he was going to get a tattoo of the truck on his back.
Magnaflow made further waves during the tour with their featured vehicle, “The Revolver.”  The Revolver originally started as a napkin drawing from Magnaflow’s Senior Manager, Richard Waitas. This wild automobile is a concept truck built from a 1949 Chevrolet truck, and according to Magnaflow, it is aimed at solving the ultimate exhaust question, “What does it sound like?” In the back of the pick-up, there are 8 rotating mufflers that allow onlookers to select any two mufflers to use and compare the sound side by side. The truck was the ultimate Magnaflow creation for the 2013 tour and showcases the levels of innovation that Magnaflow can reach.

What Makes Magnaflow the Best?

magnaflow cat backMagnaflow’s Cat Back Exhaust provides significant gains in torque and horsepower.
Magnaflow exhausts feature a straight-through design that is aimed at giving drivers the optimal amount of power. Straight-through mufflers are pretty much exactly how they sound: they have a straight pipe, and they are perfect for limited space situations because of their compact nature. Also, these designs help to eliminate back pressure and increase the power of your engine by giving unrestricted exhaust flow.

Another great feature of the Magnaflow exhausts is its stainless steel design, which helps by adding durability while maximizing the sound and power. Magnaflow offers everything you could need for your performance needs: mufflers, cat-back systems, exhausts, exhaust tips, pipes, and much more. If you’re looking for a new exhaust system, you should take a cue from the Hot Rod Power Tour and go with the very best: Magnaflow.

By: Tim Snyder
Posted on October 11th, 2013
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