Lorenzo’s Twin Spoke and Split Spoke Wheel Designs

Lorenzo Wheels
There are more luxury wheel options than you can handle at Lorenzo wheels. Their catalog has already grown to over twenty distinctly designed wheels. The wheels come in a variety of finishes including black variants – matte, gloss and satin, Bright PVD, chrome, silver and even titanium gray. These are more finishes than the average wheel manufacturer would have in stock. And that’s because Lorenzo wheels are better than average. These wheels combine custom finishes in addition to the standard finishes listed above and you can thus have red accents on your spokes in addition to a brilliant spoke profile. And speaking of spoke profiles, two spoke designs from Lorenzo wheels stand out as being the winning factors for the brand. I’m talking about Lorenzo’s twin spoke and split spoke wheels.

Twin Spoke

Lorenzo Wheels Twin Spoke
The idea of a twin spoke design is to have each spoke split into a perfect pair. This creates a distinct allure especially for luxury cars. There is a wide range of wheels from Lorenzo wheels that accommodate this look. They include:
  • Lorenzo LF896
  • Lorenzo WL197
  • Lorenzo WL198
  • Lorenzo WL199
  • Lorenzo WL35
The way the twin spoke look is incorporated in each of these wheel series varies. The LF896 for instance has five twin spokes. Each pair of twin spokes has a machined finish that can be custom painted to your individual taste. The twin spokes are slender and separated by a narrow gap. They are curved inwards in a convex manner towards the center cap giving them a smooth contoured look. This is in contrast to the rigid look of the Lorenzo WL197 which shares the same thin twin spoke design. On the WL35 and Lorenzo WL199, a wider elliptical gap separates each set of twin spokes instead of the narrow one found on the WL197.

Split Spokes

Lorenzo Wheels Split Spokes
A split spoke design features spokes that start off from the center cap as one unit but split into two somewhere along the way as they join the flange. Fine examples of this design from Lorenzo wheels can be seen on the Lorenzo LF897, Lorenzo WL29 and Lorenzo WL34. The Lorenzo WL34 and LF897 are made of thinner split spokes than the Lorenzo WL29. On the LF897, the spokes in fact bear a clear Y pattern and the angle between the spokes is very conspicuous. Furthermore, the LF897 is customizable with personally preferred finishes. On the WL34 however, the split spokes are curved to the same direction and thus one piece in the pair leans away from the other as they link into the lip of the rim. The split section on the WL29 however is hardly noticeable since it is placed an inch away from the rim.

By: Sean Bowes
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