Lorenzo Wheels Offering More for your SUV or Truck

Lorenzo Wheels manufactures a variety of wheels that are available in different fitments and styles that compliment every high-end vehicle. The wheels are sold globally in 4 continents and in more than 20 nations. Lorenzo also stands out as one of the world’s largest supplier of performance tires, branded custom wheels and other accessories for SUVs, light trucks and cars.
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Lorenzo Wheels have gone a notch higher in expanding its line of specialty wheels with introduction of fully customizable LF901, LF900, and LF299. All the Lorenzo forged styles are manufactured using 6061-forged aluminum making them strong but light in weight. The LF299 is available in two-piece style while the LF901 and LF900 are only available in one-piece styles.

With these new products, you experience premium performance, get ideal wheel size and enjoy a variety of finishes to achieve that sophisticated look with your car, SUV or truck.
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Premium Performance

Lorenzo’s forged one-piece wheels are ideal for you if you own a premium performance vehicle. They are offered in a variety of fitments ranging from 19x8 inches. Furthermore, their lightweight meets the needs of customers seeking a high-end product for passenger SUVs or cars. “These new forged products are a natural progression for the Lorenzo brand…We’re pleased that we’ve been able to respond to consumer demand for specialized products for high-end vehicles,” said Rhett Sander, who is marketing director for Wheel Pros.

Ideal Sizes

Lorenzo wheels do not need any special presentation because they are the best in terms of technology, quality and design in producing the perfect wheels. This is evident from the different sizes of Lorenzo wheels available on the market to suit SUVs or trucks. Some of the commonly available Lorenzo wheel sizes range from 18 to 30 inches.

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Ideally, with Lorenzo wheels, you can easily choose the size than fit your vehicle. Therefore, if you are interested of being part of the society of luxury, you need to get Lorenzo wheels that will outline your truck or SUV’s exterior, giving it both an excellent and a brand look.

Variety of Finishes

At times, you just want to have a customized look. To achieve that you need and stylish look, Lorenzo wheels are available in a wide selection of finishes such as matte black machined, chrome, stain black, gloss black, silver and even gloss black center with chrome lip among other finishes. If you are looking for that chrome that will give your SUV, truck or car a unique, classy and stylish character, you just need to focus your eyes on Lorenzo wheels.

By: Jon Aragon
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