Lorenzo Wheels Go All The Way When Styling Their Wheels

Lorenzo Wheels are especially popular amongst luxury cars owners. That is why they are a big thing in Hollywood with various well known celebrities sporting them on their rides: celebrities athletes like Darren Harper, the successful extreme athlete sometimes referred to as the Obama of Skateboarding and Jason Terry who plays basketball for the Houston Rockets.
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All these people acknowledge the advanced design approach employed by Lorenzo wheels which covers all design aspects including finish, spoke profile, rim size and offset. In addition to their outward appearance they possess construction properties to make them last long and stay in shape. This is because they are made from 6061 forged aluminum. So let us look at which Lorenzo wheels have caused the biggest ripples in the market.

Lorenzo Wheels LF897

Lorenzo LF897 is a wheel made with a one of a kind design. It has a nine spoke pattern with red accents around the edges. These accents are slim enough to bring out an edgy wild undertone to the entire wheel. The spokes are built on a split spoke profile that matches the edgy statement already brought thought by the red tone. With the rest of the rim covered in a satin black finish, the Lorenzo LF897 still maintain a relaxed poise on its overall appearance. It is offered in sizes ranging between 19 and 22 inches.
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Lorenzo Wheels WL19 Gloss Black

If you want to go gloss black with your wheel then the Lorenzo WL19 is the wheel for you. It has a starry five spoke design that is built for true stars and luxury cars. This is why many buyers of the Lorenzo WL19 go ahead and fit them onto gloss black car bodies. The spokes on the WL19 are set deeper inside the rim where they are attached to a beadlock ring.

Lorenzo Wheels WL34 Gloss Black With Machined Face

The WL34 wheel from Lorenzo has the kind of split spoke that would encounter very often. It has 5 split spoke which split up further near the lip of the wheel into pairs creating the image of a advanced multi-spoke wheel profile. The spokes are curved slightly into each other and are slender in width. They are each finished with a machined face and the rim is covered in a gloss black color.
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Lorenzo Wheels WL198 Gloss Black

The WL98 shares some elements in its poke design as the WL34. It also has split spokes which curved inwards towards each other slightly. Instead of a clean machined face on the spokes however, the Lorenzo WL34 has a machined stripe on one edge of each split spoke making it distinctive from the WL34. In addition to this it has six spokes instead of five and is only available in 22 and 24 inch sizes making it a good pick for drivers looking to go large with their rim selection.

By: Sean Bowes
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