Lorenzo Wheels Expands Its Luxury Wheel Brand

When an enthusiast is looking to purchase a wheel that exceeds the standards of most brands, it can be hard to find something that fits all of their needs. For a truly high-end wheel that mixes performance, strength, aesthetics and durability, there aren’t many companies that are up to the challenge. If you ever travel down the strip in New York City, Miami Beach or Las Vegas, chances are you will see a luxury car pushing Lorenzo Wheels. For enthusiasts that care about making a statement with custom luxury wheels, a set of Lorenzos will get you there in style.

Lorenzo is one of the only companies in the aftermarket that is well known throughout the entire racing world, as well as nightlife scene, for carrying top-quality products. Their wheels are manufactured all around the world and have been used by some of the biggest names in Hollywood (Ahem-- Will Smith).

Customizers Love Lorenzo Wheels

It isn’t just celebrities that have a soft spot for Lorenzos. Mechanics, auto specialists and purebred racers all put Lorenzos on their rides to add some flair. Recently two internationally known tuning companies took some wild Mercedes Benzes and tricked them out with some of Lorenzos newest wheels.

Eurocharged, a shop that specializes in modifying Italian, British and German super cars took a 2007 Mercedes SL55 AMG, which is owned by Jack Mize (a lifelong gearhead), and transformed it into a show stopping, race ready machine that will turn heads at every stoplight.

According to Lorenzo’s Website, Eurocharged spared no expense in completing Mize’s sweet AMG. The car got a full top end build, including an upgraded cooling system. The rear differential was beefed up and the transmission got an overhaul to handle the power. Lorenzo helped out by outfitting the ride with a set of new forged LF 897, which they sent out with a custom finish to make the wheels really shine. When Mize received the Lorenzo-inspired creation from Eurocharged he said “The Benz is going to stay in the family for a long time.”

Airtekk is another company that is well known in the tuner world for insane creations. For the past two years, Airtekk has been experimenting with Lorenzo while they trick out older, big body Mercedes frames with custom interior, huge brakes and 20-inch Lorenzo wheels. Airtekk’s owner says they choose Lorenzos to go on their rides because it adds to the uniqueness of their rides. “We wanted something you do see every day,” says Airtekk.


About Lorenzo Wheels

Lorenzo is a company that has a bit of attitude and ego. They say their wheels are the best and they believe it. For years their rims have been the go-to choice of extreme athletes (UFC Fighter Erik Apple, skateboarder Darren Harper), basketball players (Jason Terry) and performers (R. Kelly), but what separates these wheels from the competition isn’t just looks and glamour, it’s performance and trust.

Lorenzos are sold worldwide and have a great reputation to uphold. All of their wheels are guaranteed to be free of structural failures, which is reassuring news for any enthusiast. So, if you’re looking to add some bling and performance to your ride, you owe it to yourself to check out Lorenzo wheels, they have an incredible line up in their latest Lorenzo Wheels line up.

By Sean Bowes
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