Leveling Kits Articles and Reviews

Even Your Truck with a  Leveling Kit
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Leveling kits serve ulterior purposes such as creating extra clearance for wheels and tires or better rear wheel performance in hauling or towing situations. There are three basic types of leveling kits in addition to other kits that do perform similar functions but with slight variation.
Four Simple Steps to Follow with your Leveling Kit
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Leveling kits are the most essential accessories for vehicles whose front and rear ends are unbalanced. The process of choosing the perfect leveling kit can be very confusing given the number of kits available on the market. To help choose the perfect kit, we have prepared a list of four main steps to follow to help narrow down the list and choose one perfect for your truck.
Understanding Leveling Kits for your Truck
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If one end of your pickup or truck sits lower than the other, especially when hauling or towing a heavy load, you need a leveling kit. Unlike lift kits a leveling kit works by raising one end of the vehicle to match the height of the other, and because the leveling kit doesn’t alter the vehicle’s suspension, you don’t lose any ride quality or hauling/towing capacity.